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Fin Repairs

For the product that you need to follow these instructions click HERE.

1. This shows the fitting supplied and the tools you will need.
2. Cut the broken piece of the fin and make it square.
3. As best you can ,the cut should be square, however if the angle is slightly out it will not matter.
4. This  shows the section cut.
5. File any rough edges.
6. Mark the position of the Fin Repair Plug as shown.
7. Mark the centre, where you are going to drill.

8. Carefully drill the hole using an M5 drill bit.

9. Make sure you drill the hole vertically.

10. Put some Loctite or Araldite or almost any epoxy will do into the hole.
11. Insert the Fin Repair Plug into the hole. Allow to dry.

12. Here is the finished fin repaired.

13. You may need to cut the fin corner away slightly to allow the plate to fit, as shown.

The Fin repair system will also repair the back of the fin where there is usually a pin.  Fitting is the same as fitting the font screw plate as shown.

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