Cygnus Sails

Specialist School Sails.

Cygnus manufacture and design school sails for dinghy schools and windsurfing schools, also in conjunction with a leading sail loft abroad have developed a range of school sails for most dinghy classes used in sailing schools.

These sails, have been developed for hard school use and are generally made of conventional high quality woven sail material.

It is generally excepted that laminate sails produced for racing will not stand up to hard  school use, our school sails will!!

Our school sails, are as far as possible reproductions of the original race sails in shape and panel layout, as far as possible. Trim colours are also matched so they look the part.

We aim to keep most school sails in stock so we can deliver NEXT DAY.

Cygnus are also able to suply toestraps for most class,padded or webbing only,please call if you have special requirements


  • Highly competitively priced.
  • Heavy weight material.
  • Heavily re-enforced.
  • Replicas (i.e. shape, panel layout, trim).
  • Quality materials.
  • Heavy duty thread.
  • Twin ply leach on jibs and mains where applicable.
  • Example of classes; Laser, RS, Hobie, Topper.
  • Popular classes are  in stock with next day delivery. For prices and details, or to see a sample, please phone 07850660225 Please note, school sails are supplied ex-class logos and ex-sail bag (most centres have sail bags spare or leave the sails on the boat).Sail bags can be supplied at a cost of 10.00.
  • We are able to supply die cut: letters and logos for your school.

Why use Cygnus?

  • Cut down on repair costs.
  • Sell on your school boats with new class racing sails and keep using your school sails year on year, therefore, optimising the profit on your second hand boats.
  • Keep your school sails looking smart by reducing patching and wear.
  • Less downtime on your boats through damaged sails.
  • Speedy mid season repair service.
  • Winter refurbishment service on your school sails.
  • As far as possible we keep our school sails in stock ,so most of the time we can offer NEXT DAY Delivery.

All school sail prices are ex-carriage and Vat.

Price Guide.

Bosun School Mainsail with Reefing Points 325.00
Bosun School Jib 155.00
Bic Open Sails
Bic Open School Main No Battens 5.8 oz. Straight leach reduced size. 125.00
Laser School Sails
School Laser Bug Sail 32.3 Sq ft Blue Or White 5oz 98.00
School Laser Pico Main Blue Or White 5.8oz 165.00
School Laser Pico Jib Blue Or White 5.8oz 45.00
School Laser Pico Race Main (Dacron)Blue And Yellow 255.00
School Laser Funboat Mainsail Small 175.00
School Laser Funboat Sport 185.00
School Laser 1 Main 200.00
School Laser Radial 200.00
School Laser 4.7 190.00
School Laser 2 Main (Regatta) 273.00
School Laser 2 Jib (Regatta) 119.00
School Laser 13 Mainsail 310.00
School Laser 13 Jib 124.60
School Laser 13 Spinnaker 236.60
School Laser 16 Main (reeefing points and head floatation) 482.00
School Laser 16 Main (reefing points No head floatation) 451.00
School Laser 16 Jib 142.00
School Laser 16 Spinnaker 310.00
School Laser Stratos Main Standard 445.00
School Laser Stratos Main Float 485.00
School Laser Stratos Jib 165.00
School Laser Stratos Asymmetric 285.00
School Laser Stratos Asymmetric Sock 60.00 
School Laser 2000 Main 330.00
School Laser 2000 Cut Down Main (cut down to the reefing point) 265.00
School Laser 2000 Jib 146.00
School Laser 2000 Gennaker 279.00
School Laser 2000 Gennaker Sock 55.00
School Laser 2000 Gennaker sock XL Acrylic 65.00
School Laser 3000 Mainsail 380.00
School Laser 3000 Jib 145.00
School Laser 3000 Gennaker 300.00
School Laser 4000 Main 370.00
School Laser 4000 Jib 168.00
School Laser 4000 Gen 280.00
School Laser SB3 Asymmetric (heavy duty) 750.00
School Laser Bahia Mainsail 419.00
School Laser Bahia Jib 165.00
School Bahia Gennaker 325.00
School Laser Vago Mainsail 6.3oz 8m2 350.00
School Laser Vago Mainsail 6.3oz 9.32m2 385.00
School Laser Vago Jib 6.3oz 151.00
School Vago Asymmetric 305.00
RS School Sails
School RS Quba Sport Mainsail
School RS Quba Mainsail (Sleeved Luff) 159.00
School RS Feva XL Main 6.3oz Reefing+50.00 310.00
School RS Feva XL Jib 120.00
School RS Feva S 250.00
School RS Feva Spinnaker 175.00
School RS Terra Sport Sail Blue 145.00
School RS 400 Assymmetric 320.00
School RS 800 Jib 6oz Dacron 245.00
School RS Vision Jib 165.00
School RS Vision Mainsail Including  Reefing 360.00
School RS Vision Asymmetric White 350.00
Topper School Sails
School Topper Main Blue 168.00
School Topper 4.2 5oz 154.00
School Topper Topaz Uno Main 6oz 157.95
School Topper Topaz Uno Jib 75.00
School Topaz Gennaker Sock 69.00
School Topper Argo Jib 165.00
School Topper Argo Mainsail with 1 Row Reefing 340.00
School Topper Argo Spinnaker TBA
School Topper Magno Mainsail with Reefing 325.00+Vat
School Topper Magno Jib 155.00+Vat
School Topper Magno Spin 299.00+Vat
School Topper Sport 14 Main 350.00
School Topper Sport 14 Jib 180.60
School Topper Sport 14 Spin/Assy 288.00
School Topper Sport 16 Main 380.00
School Topper Sport 16 Jib 185.00
School Sport 16 Spinnaker Shute Sock 50.00
School Topper Omega Mainsail-1 Row of Reefing 400.00
School Topper Omega Jib 189.00
School Topper Omega Gennaker 350.00
School Topper Omega Spinnaker Sock (Fibre Glass Opening) 125.00
School Topper Xenon Jib 185.00
School Topper Xenon Mainsail 455.00
School Topper Xenon Gennaker 336.00
Optimist School Sails
School Optimist Main Full Size 155.00
School Optimist Main No Battens Sleeve Luff 110.00
49er School Sails
School 49er Dacron Jib 6oz 235.00
School 49er Asymmetric Shute Sock 85.00
29er School Sails (Dacron)
School 29er Jib 6 oz Dacron 210.00+Vat
School 29er Mainsail 6oz Dacron 380.00+Vat
School 29er Assy 1.5oz Non Silicon 350.00+Vat
School 29er Assy Superior Rip Stop 401.00+Vat
Dart School Sails

Dart 16 School Jib
Dart 16 School Mainsail
Dart 16 Gennaker Fibremax 290.00
Dart 16 Gennaker Nylite 320.00
Hobie School Sails
School Hobie 14 Jib 6oz (white) Colours available on request 169.00
School Hobie 14 Jib With Sacrificail Strip 199.00
School Hobie 15 Jib 6oz 212.00
School Hobie 15 Mainsail ( White)  6.3oz 760.00
School Hobie 16 Jib 6oz 245.00
School Hobie 16 Mainsail Ex Battens Reefing +50.00 560.00
School Hobie 16 Spin Shute Sock/Snuffer 69.00
School Hobie Fox Jib 365.00
School Hobie Tiger Jib 295.00
School Hobie Teddy Jib 150.00
420 School Sails
School 420 Main 315.00
School 420 Jib 128.00
School 420 Spin 233.00
Race 420 Main 380.00
Race 420 Jib 170.00
Race 420 Spin 270.00
Firefly School Sails
Firefly School Mainsail- Row Reefing Points-Main Window-Twin Ply Leach-6.5oz 330.00+ Vat
Firefly School Jib-Twin Ply Leach-Widow-6.5oz 160.00+Vat
Firefly Cut Down School Sails Sails
Firefly Cut Down School Main With 1 Row Reefing Points 299.00+Vat
Firefly Storm School Jib Cut Down 131.00+Vat
GP 14 School Sails
Gp14 School Main 315.00
Gp14 School Jib 132.00
Gp 14 School Genoa 149.00
Hartley 15 School Sails
Hartley 15 School Mail with 1 Row Reefing 6.3oz 440.00+vat
Hartley 15 School Jib 6.3oz 165.00+vat
Wayfarer School Sails
Wayferer School Main  (cut down) 6.3 oz 380.00
Wayferer School Jib  6.3 oz 140.00
Wayferer School Genoa 6.3 oz Twin Ply leach 170.00
Wayferer School Main (1 row reefing +50 2nd row) 6.3oz Twin ply Leach 470.00
Wayferer Racing Jib 162.00
Wayferer Racing Genoa 205.00

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