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The HandiRack


The HandiRack

Need additional load carrying capacity?

Prefer a solution that is simple, convenient & portable?

Looking for a system that is interchangeable between cars?

Fed-up with the inflexibility & cost of normal roof bars?

As you can see, the HandiRack couldn't be easier to assemble and fit. Each HandiRack comes with detailed instructions and the whole fitting process takes just a matter of minutes. The HandiRack's innovative design doesn't affect the door operations in any way. You can still open and shut the doors as often as you like and operate the windows normally

When you reach your journey's end, simply release the fitting strap, deflate the bars, pack your HandiRack into its drawstring travel bag and place it in the boot. You'll probably forget about it until the next time you're suddenly faced with carrying some unwieldy and bulky item back from the store, piste, auction, beach, car boot sale, garden centre etc. but will be relieved to remember that you have the HandiRack to hand.

We've tried and tested the HandiRack on everything from a Rolls Royce to a Nissan Micra and it fits them all. If your car has doors...even Gull Wing doors or roof rails... then the HandiRack can be fitted easily and safely.

The HandiRack will fit just about any car including:

•4-doors / hatchbacks / estates
•2-doors with rear opening quarter- light windows
•2-doors with fixed rear quarter- light windows
•Cars with roof rails
•Cars with sunroofs

The HandiRack is unsuitable for the following:

•Cars fitted with curtain airbags (these deploy from the top of the window)
•Convertibles & cabriolets
•Some cars with high domed shaped roofs

We even fitted a HandiRack onto a Ferrari which doesn't have traditional door frames, just windows that slide into the roof... and yes, it still works perfectly.

So now you can sling your surf boards onto your Ferrari and look really sporty. The only cars we don't recommend using the HandiRack on of course are convertibles and cabriolets. The HandiRack would still work, but your roof would probably collapse!

The Price is inclusive of UK delivery

The HandiRack


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