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Cygnus have ben involved in Kitesurfing since the late 90s.We have a reputation for being one of the best kite repair centres in the UK and repair kites from all over the UK and Europe.We reapair kites ,boards,bladders and bridles.We only use the best materials and have over 30 years experience working with Rip Stop Nylon.

DIY Repairs,

In our web site under DIY reapir Parts you will find a sub-section Kite DIY repair materials,thsi secton has repair materials for minor repairs to the canopy and bladders.

For small repairs you will find materials that will repair your kite,if in doubt about what to use or how to fix your kite give us a call on 01536516779


North,Naish, F1

Cygnus have made the decision this year to stock a limited range of kites.We have chosen kites thst offer good performance and build quality.The main  kites we will be stocking is the Naish Park. North Rebel.F1 Bandit.

These kites offers most kitesurfers;

Excellent performance

Excellent build quality

Competitve price

We will list recommended retail prices on the web site.The recommended retail price is meant as a guide only.We have a price match policy,and can offer package discouts for kiters wanting a board and kite.Give us a call for a price

We are able to supply all the Naish,North and F1 kites and will offer a competitive price on non stock kites.

Our prices are inclusive of UK delivery

We are up dating our web site so please give us a call if you do not see what you are looking for.

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