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Protecting school sails from the elements is the key to extending the life of sails. Damage from UV and wind while the sail is stored will significantly reduce the life of sails. We therefore produce a range of protective sail bags made from acrylic which has a very high resistance to UV damage.These bags are designed to be used on Toppers and Laser Picos where the sail is wrapped around the mast. The cover is fitted by rolling the boat onto its side and sliding the cover over the mast.

All prices are exclusive of VAT


Laser Acrylic Mast/Sail Cover Colour Blue £25.00
Pico Acrylic Mast/Sail Cover Colour Blue £25.00
Topper Acrylic Mast/Sail Cover Colour Blue £25.00
Topper Uno Acrylic Mast/Sail Cover Colour Blue £25.00


Laser Heavy Duty Clew Straps /Pico/Topper £6.50+Vat
Heavy Duty Clew Strap Long £7.50+Vat
Pico Heavy Duty Clew Straps £6.50+Vat
Trailer Bar Pads 1m Long £10.00+vat
School Padded Toe Straps
Laser 1 Toe Strap (Blue) £9.50
Laser 2 Padded Toestraps £40.00
Laser 2000 Toe Strap Set (Blue) £41.00
Laser 2000School Spinnaker Sock XL Acrylic £65.00
Laser Pico Padded Centre Toe Strap £10.00
Laser Pico Padded Side Straps £14.00
Laser Pico Padded Crew Strap £7.00
Laser Stratos Padded Toe Strap Ser (4) £45.00
Laser Stratos Padded Back or Front (2) £22.50
Laser 16 Padded Toestrap Set (6 Side Straps 1 Back Strap £70.00
RS Fever Padded Toestraps (Pair) £30.00
Topper Padded Centre Toe Strap £12.00
Sport 16 Padded Toestrap Set £40.00
RS 200 Toestrap Set (4) Helm and Crew £45.00
RS Quba Padded Toestrap Set 1 Center & 2 Side Straps. Set Of 3 £24.00
RS Vision Padded Toestrap Set Front and Back Set of 4 £30.00

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