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The Preferred Choice

We are now involved in so many rapidly evolving sports that it is impossible to keep you constantly updated with the day-to-day changes. The news floods in from all over the world and by the time you have access to magazines and brochures, the unfortunate result is that they can be out of date.

Consequently, we have had to change our approach and way of thinking to keep you in touch with the latest news and developments. In moving with the times, we will be making full use of the Internet and will now use the term 'Preferred Choice'. You can always contact us for our Preferred Choice and we will give you expert advice based on the following factors:

  1. Manufacturers' Feedback
  2. Friends' & Customers' Feedback
  3. Construction & Price
  4. Research & Development
  5. Manufacturers' Instruction
  6. Quality and Value
  7. Qualified Testing
  8. Manufacturers' Aftersale Service
  9. Our Professional Experience
  10. Your Direction - Where to Next?

Our Website has been designed so that you can gather the latest information, developments and trends from companies who are our working partners. We have carried out the investigation and developed relationships with manufacturers who we feel are the best in their business sector.

The ball is rolling and as always gathering momentum - Our 'Preferred Choice' can change at any time...

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