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Flexifoil 100kg/220lb 25m/ 80ft 2 Line Set - £30.00

Flexifoil 100kg/220lb 25m/ 80ft 2 Line Set - £30.00

Flexifoil 100kg/220lb 25m /80ft 2 Line Set

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The right choice of flying line is essential if you want to get the maximum performance from your kite.

Flexifoil Flying Lines are made from hi-grade Dyneemaź using the most modern construction techniques. This is combined with a sophisticated extreme pre-stretching process to give you the best performance and lowest stretch. In addition a highly UV-resistant coating helps to reduce friction and prolong life and aids to lower water absorption.

The optimised construction of Flexifoil Flying Lines ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio with minimum aerodynamic drag. Each Flexifoil line set is colour coded for safety and ease of use.

Key Features
» Colour coded line for easy left/right and brake line identification
» Extra long sewn sleeved end loops for easy line attachment
» Line length and strength printed on tabs. Pull tab to easily undo larks head knot.

The price is inclusive of UK delivery

Flexifoil 100kg/220lb 25m/ 80ft 2 Line Set - £30.00


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